Shade Trees

The hot summers of Wisconsin remind us of how important shade trees can be. In this area around Madison and throughout much of the state there are a variety of different types of shade trees that are do very well. This list can include Oak, Maple, especially the Autumn Blaze, Hawthorn, Elm and Linden.

For fast growth of any type of shade tree consider a hybrid variety that has been developed specifically for rapid growth in this area. In addition look for a tree that will develop the shape of canopy or crown you prefer to go with your existing trees or to work in your landscape.

Planting Requirements for Shade Trees in Madison

Most shade trees do very well in a good variety of soils including clay soil and well drained soils. All trees will need regular watering until the roots are established, and then the trees will be somewhat to very drought resistant depending on the specific tree type.

As wind can be a factor for new trees, especially rapidly growing shade trees, stake all new trees until they are well established. Mulching to retain moisture and provide organic matter is typically all the special care required.

Tips for Maintenance of Shade Trees in Madison

Understand the possible disease or insect problems that your specific type or types of shade trees may be prone to experience. Check routinely for signs of damage to the leaves, including early leaf drop, curling or discoloration.

These trees need little in the way of pruning other than to remove dead or damaged branches. For mature trees a professional tree service may be the best option to manage pruning.