Oak Tree

An Oak Tree is a beautiful addition to any garden or yard and provides abundant shade in the hot summer months. These trees are moderate to fast growing with some varieties, such as the Sawtooth Oak, very fast growing. These make them an ideal tree for driveways or to provide a cool, shady corner. Most varieties of oak will grow at least 60 feet at maturity.

The White Oak, which is a native tree of the state, will mature at about 80 feet. They can tolerate sun and shade which makes them versatile in just about any location.

Oak trees, like Maples, are known for their amazing leaf transformation through the autumn months. They will turn a golden yellow to golden brown color through to a deep purple and red color, which is most commonly found in the White Oak and the Red Oak.

Planting Requirements for Oak Trees in Madison

Oak trees can tolerate a wide variety of soil moisture conditions but do best in a well-drained soil. They will need staking when first planted but, once established, they are strong, stately trees that require little in the way of special care or attention. When the roots are established these plants can handle dry conditions and do not require additional watering except in extremely dry conditions.

Tips for Maintenance of Oak Trees in Madison

Oak trees are very resistant to most type of disease and insects and will require little in the way of special care. When trees are at least two years of age they can be pruned, but avoid pruning oaks during the growing season to reduce the risk of oak wilt. It is recommended to prune oaks in the late fall or winter.