Japanese Maple

The Japanese Maple, as the name implies, is a native plant of Japan, China, Mongolia, and South and North Korea. It is grown for its beautiful foliage in the spring and the striking red color of the leaves in the autumn months.

Most varieties of Japanese Maple do not get as tall as some of the other ornamental trees, often only reaching a maximum height of 20 to 30 feet, many which are much smaller. They often have a rounded or domed shaped crown with branches that gracefully curve downwards at the ends. They can be pruned and trained to maintain this shape for a lovely centerpiece in a landscaped area or garden.

Planting Requirements for Magnolia in Madison

There are a wide variety of differences in the planting requirements for the various types of Japanese Maple. It is important to carefully check the variety and the recommendations of light as some are more shade tolerant than others. The more shade the less foliage that the tree will produce, which exposes the interesting branch arrangements.

These trees tend to have compact roots and will do well with other trees with similar root structures for planting in groups or under larger trees. They require well drained soil and will not do well in continually damp or wet areas. Staking will be required to protect the tree until established.

Tips for Maintenance of Magnolia Trees in Madison

Avoid over fertilizing these trees, they will generally do well with regular mulching without the need for additional fertilizer. They can be pruned as needed and shaped, but most growers recommend allowing the tree to mature before any significant pruning occurs.