Autumn Blaze Maple Tree

The Autumn Blaze Maple Tree has one of the most striking fall presentation of any of the trees you will see in and around Madison. The fall colors include a brilliant orangey red in the middle of the leaf with a slightly darker border. The appearance is a tree literally ablaze with color in a way that is very eye catching and showy.

The Autumn Blaze Maple Tree is a hybrid that has been developed from the Red Maple and the Silver Maple. The tree can reach heights of 50-55 feet and almost the same distance in circumference, usually about 40-45 feet. The tree has a rounded crown and they are a rapidly growing tree, making them a great option for landscaping.

Planting Requirements for Autumn Blaze Maple Trees in Madison

The Autumn Blaze Maple Tree is a tree that does best in full sun but is tolerant of part shade, ideally in the late afternoon. They do need regular watering and will quickly establish themselves if the soil around the root ball is kept moist but not soaked. They love acidic soil but can adapt to most soils in the area.

Tips for Maintenance of Autumn Blaze Maple Trees in Madison

Naturally disease and insect resistant the Autumn Blaze Maple Tree needs little in the way of care once established. They can be mulched around the trunk to help retain moisture in the soil at the base of the tree and also to boost the organic content of the soil.