Maple Tree

There are several different types of Maple Trees that can be found in Madison gardens, yards and tree nurseries. Some of the most common include the Norway Maple, the Red Maple and the Black Maple. The Sugar Maple, which is a major tree in forests as well as public landscaped areas in the state, is also a favorite and one that allows you to make your own maple syrup. Other beautiful varieties to consider include the Japanese Maple and the Autumn Blaze Maple.

Generally Maple Trees are very tall, provide a lot of shady under their wide leaves, and have a very showy autumn as their leaves turn colors. The Red Maple, as the name implies, is very impressive with brilliant scarlet red leaves in the fall. These trees do produce large amounts of leaves in the fall, perfect for composting and preparing for winter.

Planting Requirements for Maple Trees in Madison

Maple trees, when they are young, need a lot of sun to achieve maximum growth. However, they can also tolerate some shade, but they will not grow well in full shade. Remember some varieties of Maple can grow as tall as 70 feet so this needs to be considered when choosing the right location.

These trees do best in well drained, loamy and organically rich soil. Mulching around the surface of the soil at the tree will help supply organic matter and help keep the soil moist. These trees should be staked until established.

Tips for Maintenance of Maple Trees in Madison

Generally the Maple Tree is a very hardy, resistant tree that needs little in the way of special care. Watch for any signs of discoloration of the leaves and consult with your tree nursery if you notice any curled or dropped leaves throughout the growing season as this can be a sign of Tree Blight Disease, which can be treated with a fungicide combined with a fall pruning.