Flowering Trees

Flowering trees, which may also be known as ornamental trees, are a beautiful addition to any landscaped area. Depending on the variety of flowering tree they may flower and produce fruit, such as a crabapple, which is always popular in this area. You may also select a strictly ornamental variety, such as a variety of Serviceberry, Hawthorn or a Japanese Tree Lilac.

Flowering trees will grow to a variety of heights and may be slow to medium in their growth rates. Depending on the tree they may be rounded or domed in shape and make a perfect center focus for a larger flower garden. Most flowering trees flower in the spring and early summer but there are some the flower later into the year.

Planting Requirements for Flowering Trees in Madison

Always follow all nursery instructions and recommendations when planning flowering trees. They do typically need well drained soil and good levels of organic matter in the soil as well as mulching after planting. They should be watered as recommended but typically watering requirements will taper off once the tree is established.

Tips for Maintenance of Flowering Trees in Madison

Fertilize as recommended using a flowering tree and shrub fertilizer. These trees should be carefully monitored for any sign of insect problems and treated immediately. Prune only as recommended and, if you are not sure when or how to prune, hire a professional service to complete the task. Incorrect pruning of some varieties can cause significant damage to the tree and may even cause a lack of flowers the following season.