Conifers And Conifer Trees

Conifers, also called Conifer Trees, are unique in that they all produce cones. The cones are actually the respective male and female reproductive parts of the tree and both are typically found on the same tree. The cones, although very different in appearance to flowers, serve the same purpose in pollination and seed production. Seeds are produced in the female cones only after the pollen from the male cones is transported through the air by wind.

Conifer trees may also be called evergreens and, with the exception of the Tamarack, they all keep their soft needles all year round. Common conifer trees in the state include Northern White Cedar, Balsam Fir, Hemlock, Black Spruce, White Spruce, Blue Spruce and Norway Pines to name just a few.

Planting Requirements for Conifer Trees in Madison

Conifers of all varieties do very well in the state. As a group they tend to thrive in our native soil without the need to any special attention or care when it comes to planting. These trees make great windbreaks and shelter trees so can be used as a natural privacy fence as well. These trees should be properly spaced and not crowded as this will cause growth problems and possible death of trees as they age.

Ideally plant these trees in the spring when it is still cool and damp or in the fall. They will need consistent water until they are established, especially if the spring is hot or dry. Fall planting will not require as much care as the roots will already be dormant.

Tips for Maintenance of Conifers in Madison

Conifer trees are a very low maintenance tree other than watering and mulching to help with water retention over the root rea. They can grow up to 10 feet or more in height a year with proper watering and care.