Ash Tree

There are many different species in the Ash tree family but the most common in this area are the White and Green Ash. They are a deciduous, ornamental tree that is moderate in growth rate and has a unique looking greyish-green bark that ends to fissure or appear to crack as the tree ages. It grows well in heavy soils, so it is perfect in the Madison area. The leaves of the ash tree are made of up nine to thirteen leaflets that are opposite to each other on thin stems. These trees can reach a height of up to 80 feet or more with about a 45 foot spread.

Planting Requirements for an Ash Tree in Madison

Ash trees thrive in full sun and can survive in a variety of soils, even those that may be unsuitable for many other trees and shrubs. Water well when first planted but don’t let the tree stand in water. Once established the ash tree is drought tolerant and will need little special care or attention.

Tips for Maintenance of Ash Trees in Madison

The Emerald Ash Borer is a particular problem in surrounding areas for all varieties of Ash trees except for the European Mountain Ash. It is a small beetle that will eat the inside of the bark layer, slowly causing the tree to die as water and nutrients can no longer move up and down the trunk.

Preventative treatments are available that contain an insecticide that is effective in restricting the impact of these beetles. Talk to your tree nursery staff to find professionals that are licensed to treat your ash trees.