Arboretum Trees

The term arboretum tree or trees is used to describe any number of species or types of tree or other shrubs that are found within a collection or a garden. There are many very famous arboreta located around the world, including in the University of Wisconsin Arboretum located right here in Madison.

You can develop your own collection of arboretum tree species that accentuate your landscaping and add to the beauty of your yard, garden or property. It is important to plan your collection and look for trees that will be visually appealing and complement each other year round.

Types of Arboretum Trees:

Mature Beech-Magnolia
Forest containing centuries-old giant beech
Oak trees
Ash trees
Crane fly orchids.

Planting Requirements for Arboretum Trees in Madison

When choosing your arboretum tree options look for trees that are similar in requirements for soil and water drainage. This will allow you to prepare the entire area and then plant. By having trees that thrive under the same general soil conditions you also can easily fertilize, water and treat the trees with ease. Check for growth height, sun requirements and tolerance to wind and weather conditions when planning your collection.

Tips for Maintenance of Arboretum Trees in Madison

Not all trees require the same pruning time or pruning techniques. It is important to prune at the correct time, to fertilize seasonally as needed and to carefully monitor your arboretum tree collection for any sign of insects or disease. Carefully selecting trees in your groupings can also help to naturally provide the perfect growing conditions for each tree, leading to a healthy, vibrant and beautiful area for years to come.