Buying Trees From A Tree Nursery

Trees that do very well in the area around Madison range from shade trees such as oak trees, ash trees and maple trees through to beautiful flowering trees that add color to your yard. Buying from a tree nursery is an important consideration as professionals at the nursery can provide information on the specific tree, the expected height and the growth rate of the tree.

For planting larger trees from a tree nursery you may want to consider using the nursery’s arboretum tree service. This will insure that planting is done correctly according to the tree species.

Planting Requirements for Trees in Madison

Trees will come already rooted and in a plastic container. You will need to dig a hole that is as deep as that container is tall and about 6 inches wider. If your tree comes in burlap then you need to carefully place everything in the hole and then leave the tree, do not try to reposition or turn it as this can damage the root ball and lead to problems with the tree growth and survival. Backfill and stake the tree until the roots are established. Water well but do not soak, especially in clay soils that retain moisture.

Tips for Maintenance of Trees in Madison

Trees can be pruned according to the specific species. Some trees, especially conifer tree and other varieties of evergreens need only careful pruning in late spring through to early autumn.

Water trees regularly and provide mulch around the base to help hold moisture in the hot, dry summer months.