Another of the conifers, the spruce is an evergreen tree that makes a lovely tree planted on its own or in a grouping. They are naturally a good match for the climate of the state and do particularly well in the Madison area. Some of these species can live for a hundred years or more and will continue to fill out and thicken in foliage as they age.

Common options for larger trees include the Black Hills Spruce and Colorado Blue Spruce. For accent plants in a garden the Dwarf Alberta Spruce is a wonderful option as is the more shrub-like spreading Bird’s Nest Spruce. Spruce, depending on the variety, will have bright green to blue to silver leaves that are needle-like and are retained on the tree year round.

Planting Requirements for Spruces in Madison

Most spruce will have a natural conical shape that makes a great windbreak, natural border or a tree to line a driveway. They are cold resistant and tolerate most soil conditions, however they will grow best in a rich organic soil. Supplementing a heavy soil with organic matter is recommended.

Tips for Maintenance of Spruces in Madison

The spruce is really a tree that can be planted and left on its own. They can be pruned for shape but will naturally shape to the traditional “Christmas tree” conical shape. They have are naturally disease and insect and deer resistant and will also attract birds to your landscaped area.