Shrubs are a wonderful addition to landscaped areas because they provide texture, shape and size to a garden and, as perennials, they will provide years of beauty. There are both deciduous and evergreen shrubs and they can range from tall, almost tree-like to very short and bushy.

Shrubs may flowers, have colorful fruit, or have an amazing array of different colors of foliage. They tend to thrive in most sunlight and soil conditions but you do need to carefully select a shrub based on its growth form, height and the specific soil conditions were it will be planted.

Planting Requirements for Shrubs in Madison

Since a great many shrubs are selected because of their bushy and spreading shape, it is important to correctly space shrubs to avoid overcrowding. Overcrowding will result in disease spread, poor growth or one plant literally taking over the garden area and choking out the others.

Carefully read the moisture requirements for shrubs and plant only in areas that are optimum for best growth results. There are many native shrubs in Wisconsin that do well in this area, talk to our staff for assistance in selecting these varieties.

Tips for Maintenance of Shrubs in Madison

Shrubs are ideal in many area of the garden or flower bed because they are generally very hardy and require little in the way of special care. Mulching the soil around the shrubs, removing dead branches and trimming or pruning the shrubs to shape them, if desired, is almost all there is to do with these plants.