There are a wide variety of types, colors and sizes of roses available in Madison. Popular options include shrub roses, climbing roses, rambling or trailing roses, hybrid tea roses and miniature roses. All are woody perennials from the family Rosaceae, which has over a 100 species, most which have smaller to larger thorns down the stem and smaller leaves that vary from dark to lighter green.

Roses come in a variety of colors from standard red, white, yellow and pink to unique colors such as violet, blue and multicolored flowers on one plant. Flowers can be single or double on many different types of roses, including the ever popular Knock Out Roses.

Planting Requirements for Roses in Madison

Plant in an area where the rose will have full sun for a minimum of 5 hours per day. Roses do best when somewhat sheltered from the wind and were soil is well drained and slightly acid at about a 6.0 pH.

Roses will need regular watering throughout the growing season. It is recommended that roses have at least 1 inch of water per week and are fertilized with rose fertilizer or bone meal at the time of planting.

Tips for Maintenance of Roses in Madison

For highly disease resistant roses consider Knockout Roses. These roses have little problem with Blackspot, which is a common issue with other rose varieties. Only prune roses in the early spring, removing the dead tops and remove the bottom leaves to prevent water splashing up on the plant and creating more problems with disease through the growing season.