Perennials are the staple of the gardener, providing years of beauty as shrubs, greens, ornamental grasses or beautiful flowering plants. Perennials may include bulbs or rooted plants, with the key defining factor that they come forth each spring year after year. Many perennials are exceptional plants and bloom longer than annuals throughout the growing season.

Some of the most popular perennials in the Madison area for blooming plants include coneflowers, also known as Echinacea, as well as hardy geraniums, allium, sedums and salvia. For the shady areas hostas are a wonderful low growing showy accent plant with some varieties having small blooms throughout the summer.

Planting Requirements for Perennials in Madison

Perennials can be found that will work in any area of your flower bed or landscaping design. There are some that are drought tolerant, which are ideal for the hot, sunny areas of the yard. Most will do best in well-drained soil and will need only occasional watering over the growing season.

Fertilize with a general purpose flowering plant formula and mulch around the base of the plants to hold moisture.

Tips for Maintenance of Perennials in Madison

Perennials are typically a very hardy group of plants. Some will benefit from deadheading, or removing dead flowers, to keep the plant flowering longer into the season. Perennials may also spread and most varieties can be split or divided and transplanted. Determining when to divide the plant and transplant will depend on the specific species and the recommendations from your plant nursery specialist.