In the broadest sense an ornamental is any plant that is grown to provide beauty, either because of unique foliage of flowers, in a garden, container or yard. There are both ornamental plants as well as ornamental trees. However, when trees are considered ornamental it is usually because they have a natural beauty that goes what you would see with a native tree. For example, the Maple may be native tree in Wisconsin but the Japanese Maple would be considered an ornamental because of its striking color. Ornamentals, plants, shrubs or trees, may flower or may also have a unique color of foliage either in a particular season during one season of the year.

Planting Requirements for Ornamentals in Madison

Ornamental plants and flowers can be perennial or annuals. Most ornamental shrubs and trees will be perennials, but they may not be native species. Soil preparation will be important especially if the plant requires additional drainage, high levels of organic matter or a different soil type. Soil can be enhanced to suit the needs of the plant during planting and then fertilized or treated as necessary to continue to provide the growing environment the plant needs.

Tips for Maintenance of Ornamentals in Madison

Ornamental plants often required deadheading of flowers, which is the removal of dead blooms. This will help to keep the plants beautiful but will also encourage additional blooms or a longer blooming season. Careful attention should be paid to ornamentals with regards to the amount of water they require as well as the best light exposure for the plant.