Hydrangeas are flowering deciduous shrubs that are native to Asia. They are distinctive with their large leaves, bushy appearance and bunches of flowers that bloom throughout the growing season based on the species. There are over 70 species of hydrangeas, some which are evergreen, with flowers ranging in color from pure white to red, blue, pink and purple. The acidity of the soil will determine the flower color with acidic soils producing the blue colors and alkaline soil producing pink.

Planting Requirements For Hydrangeas in Madison

Hydrangeas do very well in Zone 3 conditions and can tolerate full sun to partial shade with some species variations. They bloom and grow best when they have full morning sun and afternoon shade, but can tolerate all day sun in the Madison area. They need well drained soil to thrive and regular watering but not soaking as they can be prone to root rot.

Plant in early summer or in the autumn and fertilize twice a year in the summer. Only transplant established hydrangeas when they are completely dormant and no longer have any leaves on the stems.

Tips for Maintenance of Hydrangeas in Madison

There are two different varieties of hydrangeas, mopheads and lacecaps. Mopheads are the large blue or pink varieties that are common in the Madison area. You do not need to prune this variety unless you want to shape the shrub or need to remove old, dead stems. If you do need to prune make sure you prune only in the summer and before August.

Deadheading, removing the dead flowers, can occur at any time to keep your plant looking beautiful.