Evergreen Trees


At Winterland Nursery we provide a HUGE selection of Evergreen Trees to the Madison WI area!

The term “evergreen” is given to trees that will never drop and their foliage stays the same throughout the year. Many people often have a misconceived notion in regard to the color – just because the name says ‘green’ does not mean they have to be green! There are trees and bushes such as the Colorado Blue Spruce, that will retain a silverfish blue color throughout the year but they fall under the category of evergreens. There are also some plants that fall under the same category such as King’s Gold which hold a golden hue throughout the year.
When speaking about trees and various shrubs, one could say that they are deciduous or evergreen. Perhaps some have heard the term conifer or coniferous. Many conifers are evergreens. There are different types of evergreens as well. Some have needles and some are broadleaf types. Some common types of evergreens include but are not limited to:

• Juniper Upright, Mt. Batten
• Yew
• Boxwood
• Euonymus
• Colorado Spruce
• White Pine
• Black Hills Spruce

Below is a short list of flowering evergreen shrubs:

• Rhododendron

These are the most commonly used evergreens for landscaping around residential and commercial properties. They offer great shade, coverage, and aesthetic appeal. One of the greatest qualities that shrubs and bushes offer is their ability to live a long time when cared for properly. Unlike plants they will continue to grow and can be shaped throughout the years.