Welcome to Winterland Nursery!

Landscape Your Yard Like a Pro

We all know how cold winters can get in the Madison area, making it very difficult to grow plants. Oftentimes, these winters conditions begin in the early fall and do not end until the middle of spring, so you are only left with a few growing months. Fortunately, Winterland Nursery is here to provide access to these items throughout the year. We do all of the work for you, so that you can enjoy your yard without the hassle of planting anything in this climate.

Always in Bloom

The main reason why people choose Winterland is because we have roses and perennials in stock in every month of the year. While many similar retailers only carry these items during the warmer months, we have eight greenhouses on our property, so we can grow even during the coldest time of the year. We have been doing this since the 1960s, so you can trust that everything we sell is of the highest quality.


We are also a wholesale tree nursery and garden center, which means you can purchase a number of trees from us at once. This is perfect for those who are opening a business, as having some greenery out front really adds to the business’ all around appearance. We also have a selection of shrubs from which to choose, which gives you a number of different options when planning.

Your Best Option

Simply put, we are your top choice in the Madison area for trees, plants, flowers and more! For more information on our extensive inventory or to learn about our seasonal hours, give us a call at 608-835-6556.